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The Rac Advanced Mesh Dog Guard Is A High Quality Cargo Guard That Is Designed From Durable Steel Alloy. It Is Fitted To The Rear Headrests Of Your Car And Doesn’T Need Any Tools To Install It. This Universal Mesh Dog Guard Is Adjustable To Fit The Space In Your Car. We All Know That Dogs Like To Chew And Lick Things Which Is Why We’Ve Used A Non-Toxic Paint To Provide A Rust Resistant Finish To The Cargo Guard.Why Use A Dog Guard?By Their Nature Dogs Are Playful And Love To Run Around; This Is Normally Ok But Is Not Desirable When Driving. They Can Become A Dangerous Distraction If They Won’T Settle And You Are Constantly Having To Turn To Try And Calm Them Down. A Simple Solution Is To Use The Boot Space Of Your Car As A Travelling “Dog Kennel” Where You Pet Can Sit, Stand And Move About As They Wish. All You Need To Do Is Remove Your Parcel Shelf And Install A Dog Guard Or Cargo Guard.The Dog Guard Provides A Barrier That Prevents Your Dog Jumping Into The Cabin; But It Also Allows You To See Each Other And Communicate Throughout The Journey. Place A Blanket Or Dog Mattress In Your Boot To Provide A Comfy Area For Your Pet To Curl Up And Sleep If They Want To.Dog Guard Dimensions: 90.5-123Cm X 41Cm

Rac Advanced Mesh Dog Guard Headrest

SKU: 53240
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