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Science Selective Degu

Formulated to meet the special nutritional requirements of degus.

High quality, nutritionally balanced food 
Added vitamin C – 500mg/kg 
No added sugar 
Highly palatable with added broccoli & basil 
Contains natural anti-oxidants for health & vitality

Supreme®science Selective Degu is formulated to meet the special nutritional requirements of degus. This carefully and scientifically chosen blend of high quality ingredients, including broccoli and basil, creates a highly palatable diet containing a variety of ingredients chosen for their known nutritional benefits. The incorporation of added vitamin C, necessary to meet a degus requirement, provides additional support to the immune system and aids dental integrity. Formulated without the inclusion of artificial colourants or sugars Supreme®science Selective Degu will help ensure long term health & vitality.

Alfalfa, barley, wheat flour, wheatfeed, peas, soybean meal, broccoli (min 4%), oats, soy oil, minerals, spinach, basil (min 1%), salt.

Supreme Selective Degu 350g