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The Petz-Aboard Shoulder Carry Portal is just perfect to take your cat or dog for short trips out, walks or longer journeys. Made from PU leather and in a hemispherical design, the carry portal has eight air vents, four at the front and four at the back with two side mesh panels allowing air to flow freely throughout. Depending on preference, either the portal cover or honeycomb cover can be fixed to the front, both by screwing on to the open circle. Easily fastened into the carry position via two zips, one at each end. Also included are an internal soft mat and an adjustable shoulder strap. The Petz-Aboard Shoulder Carry Portal can also be carried via the integral handle to the top of the carrier. Once you are finished with the carrier it can then be un-zipped and stored completely flat minimizing your storage space. Carry weight up to 8kgs. Also available in Pink and Yellow

Petz-Aboard Shoulder Carry Portal

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