Cat Travel Accessories

Make travelling with a feline friend as easy and stress-free as possible with high-end cat travel accessories.

Let’s face it, cats aren’t intrepid travellers — they’re homebodies. So bringing your cat on a flight, train journey or a road trip involves some preparation, but with the right cat travel accessories, any journey can be made feline-friendly. Maybe you need to relocate, visit family members or just get away for a while. Wherever you’re headed, there’s no reason why your kitty can’t tag along.

The most important thing to remember when travelling with a feline friend is that cats can feel anxious and insecure. So before you set off, you’ll need to make sure they’re going to be as comfortable as possible during the journey. And this means finding high-quality cat travel accessories that will keep your kitty safe and happy.

Cheeky Pets is dedicated to helping you make sure any journeys you take with your cat are smooth and stress-free. We offer a range of travel products that allow your four-legged companion to travel comfortably, safely and in style.

Browse our products and you’ll find cat travel kits, bags, and portable soft cat carriers of all sizes to suit even the most pampered puss. No one wants to feel cramped on a long journey, least of all cats, so our cat carriers have plenty of space for your kitty to stretch out and take a catnap. We even offer cat carrier backpacks with transparent windows so your kitty can accompany you on hikes and look out at their surroundings when travelling. These are purrfect if you plan on bringing your feline friend on a trip into the wilderness.

Find the cat travel accessories that are right for you and your pet by checking out our products.