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Here at Cheeky-pets we adore every animal you can think of. There is no animal too small or too big that we havent met, cuddles, petted or even fussed with so much love. PETS ARE JUST OUR WORLD!
Cleary you love pets too, otherwise why would you come to us? go on why? Exactly, you came to us because you love to treat your pets and comfort them with so much love.

I hope you will agree your pets are the lively hood of every situation. When ever you are upset or in a bad mood or even happy your pet is always there to change your mood and bring a warm loving feeling back to your heart.

So, straight to the point......
We have to gorgeous pomeranians. Bella & Tillie. These two gorgous little balls of fluff are the real reason we started up cheeky pets.

Bella: Bella is a rare black pomeranian and is a  loving dog. She  enjoys a good fuss but also can be on the annoying side. So we decided to buy loads of treats and toys for her to play with she loved every toy and every treat she can get her hands on.

Tillie: Tillie is a tiny tea cup side pomerainian who loved to tease and play with bella both love each other company and are always playing tug f war with their toy fox. Tillie is a golden brown pom and absolutley loves her treats and cuddles.

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